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Press release

Centra Heart and Vascular Institute Expands Care with New Afib Clinic

Published on Tuesday May 21, 2024

Recently, Centra’s Heart and Vascular Institute announced the opening of its Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) Clinic within its location on 2410 Atherholt Road. 

With atrial fibrillation being a leading cause of strokes, timely intervention is crucial. The clinic offers personalized care for recently diagnosed patients, addressing stroke risk reduction and management strategies through a multidisciplinary approach. 

Operating Monday through Friday, the clinic is staffed by an electrophysiology advanced practice provider and an Afib nurse coordinator. Services include personalized discussions on stroke risk reduction, initiation of oral anticoagulation and management strategies such as rate and rhythm control options. 

Key objectives of the clinic include providing patients with: 

  • Personalized discussions on stroke risk reduction and initiation of oral anticoagulation 
  • Management strategies for rate and rhythm control, including antiarrhythmic medications and ablations 
  • Risk factor modification through identification and treatment of related conditions such as sleep apnea, weight management and lifestyle adjustments 

“The diagnosis of atrial fibrillation can seem unnerving. In the atrial fibrillation clinic, we help guide patients through this by providing detailed information about this new diagnosis in a warm and friendly environment. Our knowledgeable providers and staff are passionate about educating and managing heart rhythm conditions,” said Haley Russell, a nurse practitioner at Centra’s Heart and Vascular Institute who specializes in cardiac electrophysiology. 

Patients who have recently been diagnosed with Afib can call 434.200.5252 to set up an appointment.